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Mistress Toregene Naran called Nadalia 


Master Sir Robert Hightower 

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Active Chefs: 

Master Sir Robert Hightower

Norman/Saxon from 1068. Over the years I have had members ranging from Scottish to Middle Eastern in my household-Blackwillow. I formed the grand chefs, a cooking guild, something that carries no awards or titles other than seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the populace when served with a good feast- I did this to enhance the feasts in Meridies back in 1979. Since that time many great feastcrats have emerged and have done some marveleous feast and helped in teaching others the same--This was my goal.

Mistress Toregene Naran called Nadalia

Maras Qaylah bint Aamir 

Mistress Constance Aveline Merrifield 

Mistress Alianore la Cuisiniere 

Norman French from the 1200's. My father was head cook to the local baron and I grew up learning many things from him in the kitchens. We traveled with the Baron and got the opportunity to taste and cook dishes from many places in Europe. Because of this upbringing, I was allowed to work for other nobility in the capacity as head cook, a position that I have enjoyed for several years now.

Lord Enricx Bongnier 

THlady Caitilin Davidson 

Lady Dierdru ap Seileach Called Kyra 

THL Aislinge MacCuithen

Lady Mariana Cristina Tirado de Aragon

Lady Dianora Lizabetta di Vittorio Cellini

Inactive Chefs: 

Mistress Wennemon 

Duchess Caroline of Mainwaring 


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