Official Rules for the Creation
of Grand Chefs in Meridies

1.) Before attempting a Grand Chef feast, the candidate shall have successfully prepared a minimum of three SCA feasts.

2) At least three Grand Chefs shall be in attendance to judge-If three cannot attend - then two can judge and ask a third party (crown if there) to be the third judge.

3) The Grand Chef feast shall be done in conjunction with a scheduled SCA event. This is not to be made public, in case something goes wrong, you may try again at a later date without any embarrassment. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the Chefs judging your feast.

4) All Chefs on the list must be notified by the mail service, or via email (for those that will accept email) at least six months in advance of the date of the feast. This will give those interested time to reply back to you and make plans. It is highly suggested you include a self addressed stamped post card for the chefs to return to you with their intentions to attend or not attend.

5) Three months before the event, the Chefs who have responded back must have a menu, a detailed list of ingredients for each dish, a list of countires, regions or cultural groups that correspond with each dish and documentation that will aid the judges in accepting a particular dish or ingredient. If some item is not accepted, then you will have time to make changes.

6) The Grand Chef feast shall consist of a minimum of twenty-one separate dishes. Eighteen dishes should be served to the populace. The entire feast should begin and end within three hours. Condiments or any food that is eaten in its natural state (ones that require no preparation) will not be counted as a dish. Also any side dish that is used with a dish will not be counted (such as rice or pasta, etc). Chicken and rice would be counted as one dish, not two. Breads and cheeses may be counted as a dish if they are homemade.

7) The Grand Chef feast shall consist of dishes representing the cuisine of at least seven distinct and identifiable national, regional, countries and/or cultural groups. Cultures must be from a minimum of four different countries. You should be able to document absolute differences of cultures within a country. The exact menu is at the discretion of the candidate, as long as this rule and #6 are satisfied.

8) It is not a requirement for any dish to come from a documented period recipe. The candidate shall, however, be able to prove that each dish, and ingredient, was prepared in a manner used by the people of the indicated group or time period.

9) The candidate shall be personally involved in the preparation of each and every dish. You must spice and put together all dishes. You may have assistants in cutting, dicing, etc, but it is your responsibility to perform or directly supervise all key steps in the preparation of each dish. You may also prepare any dish in advance on your honor to adhere to this rule. How you run your kitchen and its maintenance is also observed (keeping floors, dishes, sinks clean, etc).

10) You should be able during the course of the event to answer questions posed by the judges. You should be able to demonstrate a superior knowledge of herbs and spices and preparation of period feast and foods, and any other culinary art deemed necessary by the judges. Problems that might arise during the course of your feast and the way that you handle them, will also be observed by the judges. If a dish has to be changed - YOU MUST notify the judges before the feast. Any changes in the feast lineup or dishes must be communicated to the chefs prior to the change. Subleties are not required, but were a part of medieval feasting and add greatly to the atmosphere.

11) It is your responsibility to get the foods staged and served. You may have a hall steward to act as head server under your supervision.

12) It is also your responsibility to make sure the kitchen is cleaned and left the way it was found.

If you have any questions concerning this program, or would like to attempt a Grand Chef feast yourself, please don't hesitate to contact one of the Grand Chefs or the present secretary.

Mistress Toregene Naran called Nadalia


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