grand chefs of meridies


FOUNDER: Master Sir Robert Hightower

Over the years I have had members ranging from Scottish to Middle Eastern in my household of Blackwillow. I formed the Grand Chefs, a cooking guild, something that carries no awards or titles other than seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the populace when served with a good feast. I did this to enhance the feasts in Meridies back in 1977. Since that time, many great feastcrats have emerged and have done some marvelous feast and helped in teaching others the same. This was my goal.




  • Mistress Adrianna Stothard
  • Mistress Ailleagan Andhrimnirsdottir
  • Mistress Aislinge MacCuithen
  • Mistress Alianore la Cuisiniere 
  • Mistress Andriet di’ Pisan
  • THLady Caitilin Davidson 
  • Duchess Caroline of Mainwaring 
  • Mistress Constance Aveline Merrifield 
  • Mistress Dametta of Arundel
  • Maestra Dianora Lizabetta di Vittorio Cellini
  • Lady Dierdru ap Seileach Called Kyra 
  • Mistress Eleanor of Ashley
  • Master Enricx Bongnier
  • THLady Freyja the Falconer
  • Sir Logan Guille
  • Maestra Magdalena da Parma
  • Mistress Mariana Cristina Tirado de Aragon
  • Maras Qaylah bint Aamir 
  • THLord Robin of Cannock
  • Master Thomas Paumer
  • Mistress Toregene Naran called Nadalia
  • Dame Wuennemon die Naehrin